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How to Fold Your Sheets Like a Pro

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Ready to fold your sheets like a pro? Sheets can be the bane of the folding and laundry experience, and the fitted sheet is hands down the most challenging one of the set. Maybe you’ve tried Marie Kondo’s method, or fold the way you learned in your childhood. However you do it, finding the method that works for you is important. 

Rather than expressing my frustration every time I folded laundry, I decided to hunt for a method of folding my linens in a way that made my life simpler. I wanted a folding method that would fit well in my closet, take a minimal amount of time to achieve, and look aesthetically pleasing.

In this video, I’m showing you, step by step, how to fold a set of sheets. By the end of the video you’ll know how to create  a bundled set that you can pull out of the closet, knowing you have all the pieces to complete your task.

Step 1Fitted Sheet

Find your fitted sheet. We’ll start with the fitted sheet as the base of our bundle. To start, lay the sheet out so you can see all the corners. The opening should be facing up. Grab the outside of the two corners closest to you and pull them to the inside of the two corners farthest from you. Adjust the edges so that it makes a long rectangle shape. From here, proceed to folding the sheet in half 2x, and then in thirds 3x. You’ll end up with a rectangle shape that is around 8-10 inches wide and 12-14 inches long. Set the fitted sheet aside.

Step 2Flat Sheet

Find your flat sheet. Take two of the corners, and meet them with the other two corners. Continue folding the sheet in half, and then in thirds, until it creates a similar shape to the fitted sheet. Your final folded result will be around 8-10 inches wide and 12-14 inches long. Lay the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet. 

*Pro Tip: There is no need to actually measure the sheets. 😉 Give it your best guess, and adjust as needed so that it fits in your linen closet.

Step 3Pillow Cases

Find your first pillow case. Fold the pillow case in a similar manner as the flat sheet – in half, and then in thirds. The end result will be a square-ish folded pillow case around 6 inches wide and 6-7inches long. Repeat this for all pillow cases in the set, except one. Lay the completed pillow cases on top of the flat sheet. 

Step 3Pillow Case Ribbon

With the final pillow case, we create a ribbon to hold the set together. For this pillow case, we will fold it differently than all the previous linens. Lay the case out horizontally (landscape orientation, if you’re into graphics), flat in front of you, so that you can see all the corners and edges. Take the two corners closest to you and fold away from you by around 3-4 inches. This fold will determine the width of your pillow case ribbon. Proceed to fold in this way until you have a long, skinny pillow case.

Now, take the skinny pillow case and lay it horizontally on top of the other linens. Imagine you are wrapping a ribbon around a gift. Pull the pillow case around the back of the linen set; flipping the set over so you see the back may be easiest. Once you’ve wrapped the set, tuck the rough edge of the ribbon pillow case inside  the finished/decorative edge. Adjust the ribbon as needed so the set stays together. Flipit over and voila! You have a beautifully wrapped set of linens ready to use, without needing to hunt for each piece. 

Let me know in the comments: Was this helpful? Did you fold all your sheets with this method?

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