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WHAT is “three lime pines” about? It is about inspiration from the place in life when I first started to write. It scales the course of time to where I am at in life now. The writer in me began to emerge in a quaint old logging town with 1800’s style street lights and main street retail facades, every one with their own unique design. Lime is the prevalent color around me, as a Northwest Native, with the pine trees that wrapped the snowcapped mountains. Three of these lime pine trees sit gracefully in the framed view of my childhood bedroom window. Year after year, I my eyes gazed outside as these trees grew taller and stronger, as did I. The urge, or calling as some may say, to share my life adventures has been bubbling inside for many years. Weathering many storms, enjoying the joyous sunshine, and growing some deeper roots takes time. It’s taken courage and strength to be vulnerable. A task for the strong at heart. No one is ever ready. You just have to jump!

WHY did I create Three Lime Pines? I want to empower women around the world to live healthy, organized lives. To encourage them to use their time wisely. To spread the gospel in whatever they put their hands to. God calls us to plan, to make the most of our time, to be efficient, and to not waste a minute in spreading the gospel. If we are bogged down by our busy schedule, clutter in every corner of our life, and a lack of focus, our ability, and awareness to truly be God’s hands and feet is impaired. We end up being distracted by doing, instead of being. We find our worth in things, instead of simply the person God created us to be. God invited us to be free, to rest in His presence, to be hospitable, to share His love, and be His light.

Jessica Hardin - Picture by Casey Horst Photography

A Blurb About Me:

I’m Jessica; a wife to my entrepreneur husband, artist with anything I can get my hands on, and chicken bacon ranch (GF) pizza lover. I’m an Enneagram 3…with a touch of wing 1 (ISFJ on the Myers Briggs). In other words, I get a deep sense of accomplishment from a productive day, I enjoy learning all I can, and sharing what I learn with others.

In July of 2019, I stepped into working on my commercial interior design studio business full time, after pursuing it semi-part time for 2+ years. At my studio, we focus on making communities better by designing Thirdplaces. If you’re curious to see more, go to for more!

Here at Three Lime Pines, I blog about the deep musings on home and life organizing. My heart passion is make organizing easy and accessible to women who are wanting to move from crazy busy to living a intentional lifestyle.

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