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3 Key Mindset Shifts to Create a Minimal-ish Lifestyle

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3 Mindset Shifts to a Minimalish Lifestyle

Minimalism just isn’t for me. Coming from someone who always has an organizing project going, you’d think that eventually, I’d get tired of having stuff that needs to be organized all the time. The minimalist lifestyle is often seen, and practiced, as owning as few items as possible (the technical definition is having less than 100 things).  But while this is absolutely possible, it’s not always 100% feasible. 

Rather than minimalism, I’ve adopted the lifestyle of minimal-ish. This is the idea of filling your life with what really matters. The goal is not to have the least amount of objects in your home, but rather, to have a home that is filled with things that are not taking away from the life you are pursuing. 

Let’s dive into the mindset shifts that make living a minimal-ish lifestyle a reality:

  • Decluttering and Repurposing – It can be so easy to pop on Amazon and buy the latest shiny thing that you feel you need in the moment, only to realize after it arrives that you 1) don’t have a place to put it, and 2) don’t really need it after all. Taking more time to consider a purchase before letting your trigger finger go happy, will save you space, time, money, and regret. On a daily basis, I do this by putting items into a wish list that I then review at a later time. By the time I go back to review my list, I’d say 50-70% of what I added, I no longer want or need. Shifting from a mindset of “buy-it-now” to looking at what you can repurpose to fill that need, or even what you can remove from your home to make it a better space, can give you a new perspective to evaluate your buying decisions” from.
  • You Don’t Need More to be Enough (schedule or stuff)  – This one really hits home; getting wrapped up in the wave of consumerism and scarcity can often come from a place of trying to be ok with ourselves. The hole in your soul, the hurt you feel, or the empty longing will not be filled by acquiring more stuff or adding more to your schedule. Learning to be ok with who God made you is a process that is not found in “things”. It’s found in starting, or growing deeper in, a relationship with the Creator Himself. Check out this message from Reach Church on learning how to find your purpose:
  • Practice Gratitude – When we shift our perspective from “what can the world give me”, to “what can I give back to the world”, it changes what we see as important. Living from a place of gratitude will give you a perspective that doesn’t crave as much stuff. This doesn’t mean that you just let things fall apart, though; being grateful also means stewarding well what you have been given. Being grateful for what you already own allows you to see the privilege and opportunity around you, to impact your world with joy. 

As you step into creating a minimal-ish home, it is through one choice at a time, one decision at a time, which all adds up to a way of living. Remove the “stuff” in your home that distracts you from being present with those you love. Surround yourself with the meaningful and useful items that add value to your everyday rhythms. It’s going to take intentional awareness and persistence, but I know you have what it takes to make your minimal-ish life a reality!

Question: Observe the space around you; what is one thing you can remove from your space today to help you be more present?

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