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3 Steps to a Clutter-Free Closet

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I slid the white closet door open and stepped back to look at my clothes with a thoughtful pose. Selecting my clothes for the next day has alway been a challenge for me. I don’t consider myself a naturally gifted stylist. As a young girl, I tried to avoid the topic altogether and just wore baggy boys’ clothes. This was largely due to self-esteem challenges through those awkward teen years, but I eventually decided that learning to dress myself as a working professional could be a fun adventure. They don’t teach you how to find your style in school,  which is a pity, since this could be a fascinating class!

Clothes come to you from many different sources – you buy them, have them given to you, maybe even make some yourself. The piles can build up as the years go by. Usually, your style will change at least once in that amount of time, and your body changes too. Moving to a new home can change the space you have to store your clothing. The need to go through your closet becomes glaringly obvious when closing the door is a full body workout.

Are you ready to dig in? Grab some coffee and plan a day to conquer your closet!

Step 1) Remove EVERYTHING from your closet -Everything. Even remove the hangers. This will allow you see the space you have to work with and to make sure that every item in your closet is sorted through – no object left behind!

Step 2) Eliminate clutter – It’s time to start sorting through that pile. As you sort through the clothes, immediately put clothes you no longer like in the ’to-donate’ bag. Put clothes you wear on a weekly basis in another pile. As you go through the rest of the clothes, consider things like: do you have to iron it often and thus don’t wear it? Do you avoid wearing it because you don’t like how it feels? Does it need a special wash cycle? Have you worn it in the last 3 months (if it’s not seasonal)? These are all good ways to help you determine whether an item is worth keeping or if it will simply sit gathering dust in your closet.

Closet tip: Keep your clothing in good repair. If you’re too busy to mend it yourself, find a friend who sews or hire a local seamstress. If you don’t feel it’s worth the time to mend it, maybe it’s time to pass it on.

Step 3) Look at the items you choose to keep and look for size appropriate storage – how many of your “to keep” items can be put on a hanger and  which need to be folded?

Closet tip: It’s easy to accumulate lots of mix ’n’ match hangers. Simply having matching hangers can be one easy step in making your closet look cleaner. How many types of hangers do you have in your closet right now?

If sorting through your clothes on your own feels like a daunting task, invite a friend over who can ask you those clutter-eliminating questions. Schedule some time to relax and enjoy time together after the declutter project is complete. Trust me, you will feel so much lighter and a sense of accomplishment. Soak in the moment and celebrate (happy dance, maybe?)!

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