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Organize Your Coffee and Tea Corner for $15 or Less

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Offering a friend something to drink when they walk into your home is a long time tradition in the etiquette of hospitality. It’s a form of service and welcoming a friend who has come to visit. When my husband and I moved into our apartment, we decided to set up a coffee and tea corner. I was a loose-leaf tea enthusiast and my husband loved a good coffee (we’ve since rubbed off on each other and now both enjoy either drink ). We needed a location for our respective collections of ingredients, but also wanted a corner of the house that reflected our heart for hospitality. This would be a place where we could serve the friends that enter our home and offer the experience of exciting flavors.

Even if my husband or I  were there to serve our guests, we wanted this corner to be organized in a way that made it easy to see what the options are. We didn’t need to spend a lot of money, it just needed to be functional. Here are some of the key items that helped make our coffee and tea corner practical and welcoming:

Air Tight Containers / Clear Jars

Finding containers with air tight seals is important for both loose-leaf teas and for coffee beans. These can often be fairly expensive, however, I was able to find some glass containers at Ikea for around $2-3 apiece (Ikea Dropper Jar). I did already own some of the ones you see in the photo, so the cost would vary depending on how many you need. The clear containers (glass or plastic) are nice so you can see the contents inside. It also allows you to see how much is left before it’s time to buy more.

Get Rid of Boxes

Having cardboard boxes around is one of my pet peeves. I try to get rid of them anywhere I can. As I was organizing our cupboard, I realized this is one area that would have more space if I got rid of the tea boxes. Yes! An opportunity to have more space and get rid of boxes, perfect! I condensed all the tea bags into three medium sized photo boxes that I also found at Ikea (Ikea Tjena Box). I then labeled the front with the type of tea that was inside – e.g. “Fruity,” “Calm,” and “Spice” -.

Get Rid of Old / Never Used Items

We all have things in our cupboards that have been sitting there untouched for months or even years. Donate or throw away items that are just taking up space. Clearing the clutter will make space for the items that you use on a regular basis.

Use Labels

Make it easy on yourself and guests by using labels.  Place labels on jars, boxes, and packages in your coffee and tea cupboard so that you know exactly what you are pulling out. This will save tons of time opening and reclosing containers, and also allow your friends to feel empowered to serve themselves for seconds.

Whether you’re serving friends in your home every week, or just enjoy an organized space for yourself, these ideas can apply beyond coffee and tea to other cupboards in your home. These ideas could be tried out in your pantry, your snack cupboard, the bathroom, or even in the laundry room. Pretty much anywhere you have a space with lots of items in it; the applications are endless!

Question: What is one small area of your home where you can apply one of these ideas this week? Share your thought in the comments below.

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