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8 Steps to Use Any-Do for your Shared Grocery List

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Have you ever made it to the grocery store and realized that your grocery list was still stuck to the front of the fridge at home? You shuffle through the store trying to remember everything that you had written on that little piece of paper.

When I got married a little over a year ago, my husband and I realized pretty quickly that in order to create a system for keeping track of needed groceries, it had to be easily accessible to both of us from wherever we were. We both work full time in our careers and are not aways in the kitchen when we’re  reminded of an item to put on the list.

The Any-Do app allows us to collaboratively put grocery items on a list we can both access at any time. My husband or I can add things to the list and it updates in real time. Having this capability gives us the freedom to stop by the store on our way home from work without worrying that we missed something. No more sending pictures of lists or having to type the whole thing out across 3-4 text messages! Using Any-Do allows us to seamlessly share the items needed. We do not use this as a “honey-do list” or a way to dump tasks on each other, however. I do not recommend this as a replacement for in-person communication, but rather a supplement.

Even if you do not have a need for a shared grocery list, the  idea of a collaborative list can apply to a wide variety of things in life: gift lists, assigning tasks for a group project, keeping track of shared expenses with friends, noting questions you need to remember, or whatever other applications you can think of where having a shared list  would simplify your life.

8 Steps to Create A Shared List in Any-Do

  1. Download the Any-do app on your phone.
  2. Open Any-do; you’ll notice they have some lists preset for you.
  3. Click the + button to add a new list; name it in a way that is specific to your list content.
  4. Click on the list to go inside.
  5. At the top of the list, you’ll notice a +person button. This allows you to add collaborators.
  6. After selecting the +person button, you’ll send the list to your collaborator through email or by their name if you’ve previously collaborated with them on a list.

  1. They should receive an email, or a notification in Any-do, and can select to accept the list.
  2. It will then appear in your Any-do list and theirs. You can both add items to the list by swiping your finger down on the screen while in a list. You can set the priority of the to-do item, set reminders, and even add sub-lists.

Question: How do you use Any-Do?

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  1. Thank you Jessica for sharing with me!
    I use it for grocery lists- I have lists for specific stores. Everyone living at home is collaborated with those lists so they can add items as they use the last one or see the stock getting low and/or if they are in the store they can pick up items.
    My husband and I use for gift lists for the family. We share the lists and add to them through the year.
    I use the app for my clients- as a to-do list for me, or to list projects clients want to organize in the future. I use Reminders on my phone for more time sensitive items I need to get done for them.
    Thanks again!

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