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Your Planner is the Best Self-Care Tool

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Planning ahead is essential for productivity, but did you know that this is really great self-care?


Yes, self-care means tuning out from social media for a while, taking a break from work, and just doing things that make you happy. But it also means factoring in time to do these things, planning ahead so that you don’t get stressed out towards a deadline, and having a plan so that you don’t feel lost. Read on to learn how you can take care of yourself by planning ahead.

  • Plan Big Projects Ahead

Knowing what you have on your plate at any given time will help you understand what you can take on and manage. When you have this bird’s eye view, you will find it much easier to say no to things you can’t handle, and even ‘yes’ to lending a helping hand when you have the extra capacity.

  • Write Down Important Events and Deadlines

Knowing when you have commitments in advance is so important to avoid getting stressed out when the time comes around. It’s crucial to plan in advance, especially for deadlines, so that you can properly space out your work and not rush to get all of it done.

Planning ahead for big events is also really important, because these can use up a lot of time, energy, and even money. Events like weddings can have a huge impact, and even dates such as birthdays should be planned in advance so that you can get ready with gifts and know that you may be busy celebrating on that day.

  • Write Down Upcoming Tasks

In the same vein, writing down all of the tasks you have coming up is important to keeping in control of your life and minimizing the stress factor. Believe me, knowing that your tasks are all actually written down somewhere, rather than stored in your memory, will save you from so much stress and anxiety. I used to literally wake up when I was about to fall asleep wondering if I had forgotten something until I started writing down everything. The feeling of relief I felt after that really opened up my eyes to realize that planning ahead is a really important form of self-care.

  • Think about what self-care means for you

This is for those times when you find unexpected time to yourself. Make the most of these little treasures, and use them for activities that you enjoy. Write down what these are in your planner or on a piece of paper, and keep it somewhere you can easily reference it when you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands.

Self-care means different things to everyone. I like reading a good book and painting my nails. You may enjoy watching or movie, or even organizing your closet – anything can work! The sign that a particular activity is a self-care one is when you feel good, fulfilled, and relaxed doing it.

  • Make some time for yourself

Saying that you’re going to take some time for yourself is great, but actually doing it can be a whole different thing, especially when you’re faced with a busy schedule.


Self-care is vital, especially when you’re busy, because your mind needs time to unwind. You’re not a machine, and you need a break every now and then so that you can remain at your best! The most effective way to follow-through with your self-care plan is to schedule time for it into your planner, just like any other appointment. You’re, in essence, making an appointment with yourself, so treat it as such.

Guest Bio:

Alicia is the founder of Alicia Grace Co, where she designs printable planners that enable women to achieve their goals with productivity, planning, and time management tools. She has a Law degree from the University of Cambridge and enjoys engaging with goal-getters, especially creative entrepreneurs. In her free time, she is either digging into a good book, food hunting, or snuggling with her very fluffy puppy. 

You can connect with her at:

Alicia Grace Co /// Instagram /// Facebook /// Pinterest

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