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Questions to Ask When Making a Decision

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Three years ago, I awaited the arrival of a book that, little did I know, would change the way I thought about decisions I was making in my life. I was so excited that I made sure to get on the preorder list and subscribe to the community email challenges that were part of this new book. The day it arrived in the mail, I enthusiastically opened the package and started to flip through the newly bound pages. This book is called “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst.

I am blessed to have the freedom to make choices on a daily basis. However, I didn’t feel I had this freedom. I was in bondage to the people around me. Feeling stuck and insecure in myself, I pushed through each day wishing for a life that had more rest, more peace, and more courage to stand up for the course I wanted my life to be on. As the activities started to stack up, they created a recipe for a stressed out body and an overwhelmed soul. My inability to say no put my life on a course that brought many challenges, including my body starting to shut down from the stress. I ignored it and pushed through. Hoping that the physical effects would go away and that I would eventually have the courage to say no. I was too afraid to push back against people’s expectations of me. I was giving up control of who God made me because of fear.

“The decisions you make determine the schedule you keep. The schedule you keep determines the life you live. And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul.” -Lysa TerKeurst

After reading The Best Yes, I decided to start writing the decision-making process, that Lysa outlines in her book, into my planner every month to serve as a reminder of the mindset shift for the best yes. Rather than reacting with a yes to every opportunity that comes my way, I need to consider the various aspects in order to make a healthy choice. I highly recommend that you read the book, but I want to outline the decision-making process that has helped me start changing my thought process.

When you come to the crossroad of a decision, here are some of the factors to consider whether it is a yes, no, or not right now answer:

Does this work….


Am I able to live a healthy lifestyle with my food choices, or will I need to get fast food 3 times a week? Will I still be able to get enough rest in my life? Taking time to rest is a command (Hebrews 4:9-11), not a suggestion. If you are not taking the time to rest, you are living in disobedience.


Does this decision fit into our budget, or do other things need to be cut for it to work? Is this going to put stress on saving or paying off debt? Am I tithing first and do I have margin in my budget?


Am I spending time with God? Will this decision hurt me spiritually or impede my ability to put God first in my life?


Can I be content and at peace with my decision? Or do I feel uneasy even before agreeing? Will this decision affect my ability to heal any emotional wounds I still carry?


How is this decision going to affect the other people in my life? My spouse? My kids? Extended family? My friends?


Do you have another category to consider when making decisions? Maybe it’s time for your business, or time for other commitments you have. How is the decision you’re faced with going to effect that area of your life?

“My imperfections will never override God’s promises. God’s promises are not dependent on my ability to always choose well, but rather on His ability to use well.” – Lysa TerKeurst

In a big way, God showed me the freedom that comes from trusting Him and for stepping out courageously into His arms. Whether you’re great at making decisions, or like me, you’re just starting to put the training wheels on healthy boundaries, these questions can apply to your life.

Question: What fears are holding you back from your best yes?

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