Organize Your Car In 4 Easy Steps

These cozy autumn days are ones where I’d like to stay inside, curled up by a nice warm fireplace with a book. Doesn’t that sound wonderful! Time to relax and enjoy the season is important, but when we’re not a home, we often spend a lot of time in our car; whether it’s commuting, running, errands, running the kids to sports practice or going to visit family. With all the extra time spent in our car, keeping it organized can be a challenge… unless you have a system in place! Creating a system for your car organization doesn’t magically happen. It takes effort to find a system that works well for you. It also involves changing some habits to make it work too, but trust me, it will totally be worth it!

When you know what supplies you have and exactly where to find it (say “goodbye” to digging through receipts and cheerios), you might even find your commute a bit more enjoyable.

I have outlined a 4 step process for you to start building a system in your car organization. I encourage you to experiment and find out what works for you. This process will give you a place to start, and I’ve also included some links to products that might work great to get you started organizing!

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Remove the Clutter…and everything else.

It’s time to toss out the old candy wrappers and remove the empty water bottles that have pilled up. The car can be an easy place to collect extra, unneeded items because we are in and out of it so quickly. The first step is remove everything from your car; this includes child car seats, trash, and any other items that have collected in there. Take some time to vacuum, clean the windows, and wipe down the interior. Take a minute to take a deep breath (and let it out). Yes, this is still your car and this is what it looks like clean. It’s ok to tell yourself it is possible for your car to stay clean. Having a tidy vehicle is just as much of a choice as a messy one. You can do this!


Sort the Necessary Items in Piles

Now, take a look at the items that are actually needed in your car; Maybe you have an emergency roadside kit, or you need have car seats for your child, or you keep extra water or a jacket in your car. Put these items into piles according to type: water, clothes, emergency kit supplies, etc.

If you don’t have a Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit yet, I’ve got you covered!

First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Assistance Emergency Car, Truck and RV Kit

Find Containers of the Appropriate Size

Depending on what you need to have in your car all the time, you’ll need a container that fits the items well. I would recommend selecting a container that isn’t overly large. The purpose is not for it to become a collection location, but is suppose to be a place that only the necessary items remain.


Build a New Habit

You probably have a habit, or maybe a bunch of them, that you follow when you enter and leave your vehicle. One of the keys to making a new system work is to change your habits.

    • Write out what your current enter + exit process is for your car. Do you have a habit of telling yourself you’ll clean it up later, but then forget? Do you throw things in the backseat to save for later? Is your trunk your catch-all spot?
    • Write out what happens when you follow those habits. Does your car build up with items? Is it embarrassing to give friends a ride? Is it adding extra stress and a constant “to-do” in the back of your head that is never finished?
    • Now, write out what you are going to do to change your habit. Do you need to clean trash out every time you leave your car? Do the items that need to stay in your vehicle simply need a “home” they are put back in every time you exit or enter?

If you’re willing to go for it, organizing your car will give you peace of mind when your friend calls for a ride, or when you need to get that Costco sized load of groceries you won’t need to push stuff out the way to fold down your seats.

Question: What will you do today to take one step closer to an organized car? Share in the comments below!

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