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4 Steps to Relax Into Your Evening Routine

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Routines are those weird daily habits that make our lives flow. A evening routine structure is unique to you and your lifestyle. Have you taken time to ponder what helps you relax, or what helps fuel you for the next day?

I’ve been making minor adjustments to my routine for years. It’s changed as the seasons of my life have changed, but found a method that is working. A routine that has a built-in pampering and self-care process with intention that bring peace to the end of my day. I’ve been gleaning ideas from other powerhouse women, testing all sorts of structures (you have no idea, girl!), and have  works/doesn’t work for me (hooray!). Your process may look a little different and that’s ok. The point is to use my process as a starting point for discovering your own.

Every evening, my body and mind go through various stages of winding down. I’m sure there is a scientific definition for this, but let’s make it simple for today. 

1. I tend to come home with the weight of the day (whether exciting or challenging) coming to a screeching halt inside of me. Whether I’m working from home that day or not, my brain still needs to make that transition from work to home. Putting away the belongings I carried through the day is the first step in transitioning my brain to home.

2. Fueling my body after a long day is key. The idea of not eating after 6pm is a myth. Truthfully, my body needs fuel to heal even as I sleep. It’s a good idea to give about 1-2 hours before bed to let the food digest.

3. Take time to breath, relax, and reunite with loved ones. This may look different for you than it does for me, but the same idea applies. Allow for a chunk of time to wind down and let yourself decompress from the worries of the day. 

4. Spend time pampering yourself. Brush your teeth, give yourself a facial, drink the tea you love, spend some time journaling, or any other task that is being good to your body. Every evening before I jump under the covers, a stretching routine ends my day. It feels amazing to let the tension release, so I can rest well.

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After you’ve poured into others, these are a few ways you fill your cup so you have more to give. Create a routine that allows you thrive in what you do best. Take some time to celebrate the day and all its moments! 

Question: What does your evening routine look like? Tell me more in the comments below!

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  1. These are fantastic tips and vital for coming down from the crazy busy a work day brings. Thank you for sharing this advice. I feel is very important for others to follow this routine… namely me!

    1. Thank you Albany! I’ve focusing on nailing down my evening routine for a bit. Keep honing it in and you’ll get there!

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