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Dubsado has Changed _______ for My Business

I have my client experience mapped out in Dubsado with all of the workflows, forms, and automation needed make my process seamless.

Client Experience

I have templates that allow me to then customize based on the needs of each client. Custom doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel each time.

Copy / Paste Templates

I can send invoice reminders to my client automatically and keep track of where the project billing is at.

Getting Paid

Curious What’s Inside?

Checkout this 8-minute demo of what it would look to get started with Dubsado. This software has been with me from the beginning and has played a pivotal roll in creating an organized client experience. I love that the team at Dubsado is constantly innovating and developing new features so the platform is growing as you grow. The options are really only limited by your ability to imagine it. Ready to dive in?

Features I Use Daily

Scheduling Emails
Proposal Templates
Client Management

My Personal Story

When I found Dubsado, my business was just getting started. I had a number of “freelance” projects going on and the number was growing. It was time to look for a way to on-board clients and bill professionally. I tried out a few of Dubsado’s competitors, but the price was too steep for my little startup. They other options were also cumbersome on the User Experience side of things.

I took a risk and jump on board with Dubsado when they were just getting started. They had all the features I needed to get going and I could see they were a company that I could grow mine with.

Today, I’ve been using Dubsado in my business for 3+ years and haven’t looked back! It’s given me a platform to serve my clients well and keep my client management organized on the backend. Business can often be messy and fluid. Thankfully, Dubsado can be customized for my flow and help me do my job even better!

Creating Space in your daily schedule

Sharing is caring. When you purchase Dubasdo using my coupon code (it’s “threefolddesignco”, in case you missed it!) I get an affiliate commission – which is totally sweet, because then I can keep sharing this amazing software with you.

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