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Let’s Fly Away to…

New Zealand

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to adventure through a Hobbit house?

New Zealand


Or experience the brilliantly white homes nestled into the hillside of Greece?



Or gaze across the lush vineyard landscape of Italy?


Ready to Book a Place to Stay?

Browsing through AirBnb and dreaming about where I want to visit is a thing that happens every so often for me. Travel is part of me, it’s part of how I grew up, and seeing the world sparks that sense of wonder for me. AirBnb makes it easy to book and to see the unique and fun places around the world. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out this video that will walk you through the booking process.

Experiences On My Bucket List

Coffee in Melbourne
Waffles in Brussels
Pizza in Copenhagen

My Personal Story

Just planning my next adventure over here! My family traveled every year when I was growing up. My Dad worked for the airline and we would get travel almost for free. I’ve been traveling since before I said hello to this big world!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed traveling a little for work, but going “on holiday” to experience the fullness of a new location is the best!

Sharing is caring. When you booking with AirBnB using my coupon code (start booking HERE, in case you missed it!) I get an affiliate commission Рwhich is totally sweet, because then I can travel more and keep sharing the best places in the world to get coffee with you.

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